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The Metric System



The metric system originated in France in the 1790s, as an alternative to the traditional English units of measurement. The new system was to standardize the units of measurement as trade expanded throughout continental Europe.

Although metrics have been used internationally in scientific fields for many years, the push to convert the world to exclusively using the metric system only began in the 1970s.

Today many countries have adopted an exclusively metric system of measurement. The United States, however, remains one of the last countries in the world to go fully metric.

As a result much confusion still exists. Now, more than ever, people need information on metrics in a form that relates directly to them in their personal and professional lives.

This website has been designed to meet these demands.


Metrication is the process of converting to the metric system.

The website has been designed to quickly and easily provide you with the information that you require, over many different fields. Simply select a topic from the menu on the left side of each page.

Online Conversion Calculators are provided for all the different units of measurement. Click on the Metric Conversions topic for information on the calculators and how to use them.

A Metric Conversion Calculator app is available for your computer, smartphone, or tablet, so you can perform all your conversions without having to visit this website each time. Click on the Metric Converter Apps topic for more information.


I have endeavoured to make this website as comprehensive and as accurate as possible. If you have any comments, or would like to contribute material for new topics, please visit my Contact Details page and let me know.