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Drawing Sheet Layout

Standard layouts of drawing sheets are specified by the various standards organizations.

This is the layout of a typical sheet, showing the drawing frame, the microfilm camera alignment marks, a typical title block, parts list and revision table:

Sheet Frames

It is standard practice for a drawing frame to be printed on each sheet, defining a margin around the outside of drawing area.

Drawing frames are standardized for each size of paper as per the following table:

Drawing Frames with No Filing Margin

Paper Size Border Width (mm) Dimensions of Drawing Frame (mm)
  Left &
Top &
Width Height

Title Block

The title block is normally placed in the bottom right of the drawing frame, and it should contain the following information:
  • the name of the company or organization
  • the title of the drawing
  • the drawing number, which is generally a unique filing identifier
  • the scale
  • the angle of projection used, either first or third, generally shown symbolically
  • the signature or initials of the draftsman, checker, approving officer, and issuing officer, with the respective dates
  • other information as required

Material or Parts List

If the drawing contains a number of parts, or if it is an assembly drawing, a tabulated parts list is attached to the bottom right of the drawing frame, just above the title block.

The parts list should give the following information:

  • the part number
  • the part name
  • the quantity required
  • material specifications
  • the drawing number of each individual part
  • other applicable information

When the parts list is very large a separate drawing sheet may be used for the parts list alone.

Revision Table

A revision table is normally located in the upper right of the drawing frame, or at the bottom on the left side of the title block.

All modifications to the drawing should be documented here.


A drawing may be divided up into a grid using letters and numbers. When zoning is used it is located inside the drawing frame.

Zoning allows easy references to various parts of the drawing by referencing a coordinate such as C7.