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Books on Metrics and Metrication


Click on the following books for more information:

Metric Handbook: Planning and Design Data
by David Adler
Metric in Minutes: The Comprehensive Resource for Learning and Teaching the Metric System (Si)
by Dennis R. Brownridge
Si Units for Clinical Measurement
by Donald S. Young, Edward J. Huth
Measurements & Conversions: A Complete Guide (Running Press Gem)
by Diagram Group
Physical Quantities and the Units of the International System (Si)
by Kuzman Raznjevic
Scientific Unit Conversion: A Practical Guide to Metrication
by Francois Cardarelli, M. J. Shields
Metric Units and Conversion Charts : A Metrication Handbook for Engineers, Technologists, and Scientists
by Theodore Wildi
Metrication Handbook : The Modernized Metric System Explained
Metric Manual Development Considerations Tables Comparisons : Definitions for Metrication in the U.S.A.
Metrication of Land Surveying
by John E. Keen
Metrication for Engineers
by Ernst Wolff
Conversion Tables for Si Metrication
by William J. Semioli, Paul B. Schubert
Metrication for Manufacturing
by E.R. Friesth
Standard for Use of the International System of Units (Si): The Modern Metric System
The International System of Units (Si) : The Metric System (Si : The Metric System)